Beach towels Giveaway

1.  Giveaway

1.1 The following terms and conditions regulate the contest Beach Towels Giveaway, promoted by Sorema S.A., located in Rua dos Limites 145 – Silvalde.

1.2 The giveaway will, from now on be referred to as a contest.

2. Duration of the contest

2.1 The online contest will start at midnight on May 28th and end at 11:59 PM on June 4th. It will occur exclusively on the brand’s Instagram account, so entries made through other channels will not be accepted.

2.2 The contest will reward one participant.

3. Participants

3.1 This contest is destined for all users that follow Briciní Instagram account and meet the requirements stipulated in this document and that, by entering the contest, are accepting the conditions specified.

3.2 It is not possible for Sorema S.A.’s employees to participate in this contest.

4. Rules

4.1 To get a chance of winning the contest, the participant must:

  1. Follow the brand @briciniworld on Instagram
  2. Comment the post, tagging 3 friends
  3. Participants can make as many comments as they wish, as long as they identify different friends on all comments. To confirm its entry, the user must accept all the rules in this document.
The participant’s profile should be public from the beginning of the contest until the winner is announced.

5. Prize

5.1 The winner will receive one of five beach towels we have to offer.

5.2 The winner will be randomly picked through the platform Sorteiogram ( and announced on 9th on Instagram Stories.

6. Prize shipping

6.1 Once the contest ends, the winner will be announced on Instagram Post and contacted by private message by the brand, to provide its personal data so that the prize can be sent. All personal information provided by the winner should be complete and truthful. The lack of veracity of participants’ data will lead to the cancellation of the prize’s shipping. In case the winner doesn’t provide their data in the following 10 days, the organizers can assign the prize to the next participant. 
6.2 The winner will receive the prize at the provided address in less than 30 days. The shipping process is free for the winner. Sorema S.A. is not responsible for the loss of prizes.

Personal Data

7.1 The participants’ personal data will only be used to manage the contest, being erased after 30 days. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy on


8. Other requirements

8.1 Sorema S.A. will consider that the participant has not accepted or could not accept the prize if the data requested to the winner is not received in the period established in this document. In case the winner cannot accept or does not accept the award, or the conditions stipulated in this document, Sorema will not accept monetary compensations or formal complaints.

8.2 The award cannot be exchanged for other products or money, nor is the winner reimbursed if, for any reason not related to the promoter, the winner cannot benefit from the prize.

8.3 Sorema S.A. is not responsible for not-received, not valid, or late entries. The promoter is not responsible for the impossibility of a participant entering the contest due to errors not connected to the promotor, such as connection problems and attacks on the informatics system. Sorema S.A. is not responsible for the loss or late delivery of the prize and does not resend prizes.

8.4 None of the entities involved in this contest can be held responsible for not completing this contest if the reasons to do so are not under its control, namely disturbances in communication platforms and access to them, IT errors, lack of electric energy, war, serious alteration of public order, serious incidents in the facilities or related to the equipment of any of the entities, earthquakes, explosions, fires, floods, sabotage, strikes that are not issued by the entities and/or orders issued by any judiciary or administrative authority.

8.5 Sorema S.A. has the right to eliminate any participant that is somehow violating the rules in this document. All entries made with false, imprecise, or incomplete data will be excluded without previous notification. All illegal actions made to obtain a competitive advantage during the time the contest is running will be considered fraudulent. In these cases, the participant will lose the right to all the entries that have been made, as well as any award that might have won.

8.6 Sorema S.A. has the right to decrease, increase or modify any activities mentioned above during the time the contest is running.

8.7 All doubts about these terms and conditions and omitted cases will be analyzed by Sorema S.A.