We long for days on the beach with our loved ones. We long for the drinks, endless conversations and the perfect sunsets sitting in the warm water, watching the day dim.

On the beach we create memories, we make friendships, we live wild adventures that will last forever in our minds.

Have you ever heard the saying “home is where your heart is”? Well, ours is at the beach. All year long.

Crafted in Portugal

Crafted in Portugal near the shore, Briciní is influenced by the culture and experiences of the Portuguese coast. Our beaches and summer destinations are our main inspirations, the memories created from generation to generation in family gatherings and vacations the fuel that ignites our creativity.

Who we are

Briciní is produced by the company Sorema, one of the most recognized Portuguese textile producers with more than 46 years of experience and know-how and a team of experts who guarantee nothing but the best to each one of our creations.

Social responsability

The environmental conscience is a crucial part of everything we do at Sorema S.A., so we are constantly searching for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and green our business.

Receiving environmental certification (TUV) was just the beginning; Sorema produces its own electrical energy and is at the forefront of innovation, receiving certifications such as BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), GOTS, V-LABEL, OEKO-TEX and implementing water-saving measures in the various production phases.